The infrastructure & construction sectors are considered as one of the important sectors in U.A.E. United Arab Emirates, which is regarded as the basis of economic and social development.

Through the past years the need for modern technologies has increased for the infrastructure construction sector utilizing up to date soft wares such as GIS mapping 3D modeling and other soft wares in addition to Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

The strong points behind Elite team is the capability of immediate increase in resources and manpower with adequate experience in GIS, 3D Modeling and CAD tools, ensuring high Quality and Accuracy in preparation of engineering and as-built drawings.

ELITE is capable of providing a diversified multi-software environment and utilize different types of Design Software & Data Conversion techniques to meet the specific needs of clients.

Our Projects

Sl No Project Description Client Year
1Topographical survey along the 48” water pipeline from Mirfa pump house to Liwa pump house -150 km x 60 mtr for ADWEA project.Dr.MH-ALI-EL-SAIE-CONSULTENTS ENGINEERS 2022
2Topographical survey along the proposed water line extensions at Gayathi for ADWEA project. 25 Km. spirit leveling from Gayathi to up for ADWEA Project. Dr.MH-ALI-EL-SAIE-CONSULTENTS ENGINEERS 2022
3Rerouting of proposed 48” water pipeline from Madinat Zayed to Liwa pump house.Dr.MH-ALI-EL-SAIE-CONSULTENTS ENGINEERS 2022
4Topographic survey of proposed 48” water pipeline at Umm Al Nar Refinery.SUPER ENGINEERING2022
5Equipment hiring,Setting out and levelling, Abu Dhabi, Setting out and levelling work Abu dhabi palace.AL REEF PROJECTS LLC2021
6Setting out and levelling , Abu DhabiCOUNTRY CONTRACTING2020
7Dimension survey for ship leg installationUPG SURVEYING2019
8Equipment hiring and servicesLONESTAR TECHNICAL SERVICES2019
9Equipment hiring and servicesUTEC2019
10Equipment hiring and servicesGEOMAK2019
11Vesseal calibration at Port Rashid DubaiAHM MARINE2019
12Setting out at Ethihad RailwaysGULF SURVEY2019
13Material Quantity survey and calculationsREEM READYMIX LLC2019
14Setting out of proposed Villa plots at Ras Ghurab IslandCANADIAN GEO2018
15Topigraphic survey for Sewrage holding tanks + STP CANADIAN GEO2018
16Topographic survey for Sub Tank manholeBLUE OCEAN2018
17Vessel Dimension calibration at Mussafah portBLUE OCEAN2018
18DGPS Calibration , Gyro calibration and Pitch And Roll of vessal at Salalah Port Oman.SHEARWATER2018
19Establishing survey control station points at Icad 3 Abu dhabi.AL RAHA 2018
20Hiring of SurveyorsBIN ASHEER TRANSPORT 2018
213D Scanning of wedding halls in Liwa,Madinat Zayed, Sila, Delma island, Gayathi and MirfaUPG SURVEYING2018
22Setting out of road sign pointsUPG SURVEYING2018
23Topographic survey of Villa at Abu DhabiUPG SURVEYING2018
24Topographic survey of industrial plot in ICAD IIICONTROL INDUSTRIAL CO.2010
25Collecting ground levels and other feature in Fujairah Site SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2010
26Topographic survey of Sir Baniyas Island in Abu Dhabi SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2010
27Vessal Calibration Sub Contract at Oman salalah Port SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2010
28Setting out and alingnment of bridges in Yas IslandCIMOLAI2010
29Setting out and alingnment of bridges in Yas IslandTW STEEL ABU DHABI2010
30Hiring of SurveyorsBIN ASHEER TRANSPORT 2010
31Setting out of roads and foot pathGULF DUNES2010
32Setting out CCTV ducts and coordinate checking for Falcon Eye ProjectMACE2010
33Pipeline marking, setting out of man holes, inspecting branch lines, collecting top of pipe levels and ground levels, setting out chilled water lines and ground levels fixing at D. I.P.MACE2009
34Setting out of chilled water net work system in Yas island.MACE2009
35Setting out of buildings in Fujaira Army CampA H B C2009
36Measuring original ground level and transferring marking of boundary at the entrance Pre cut and post cut survey and earthwork volume calculation for Khalifa Port at TaweelaAL RAFA TRANSPORT GENERAL CONTRACTING2009
37Setting out of underground cable servicesHEELIOPOLIS2009
38Setting out of Chilled water network system in Suwa IslandBON INTERNATIONAL2009
39Gyro Compass calibration and DGPS health check on various vessels in Sharjah Port.QVG SHARJAH2009
40Setting out of pile points & stake out of pile point marking.SEMCO2008
41Hiring of Theodolite MachineA.L.E2008
42Hiring of survey equipments HAMDAN BIN GHANIM2008
43Setting out of Pile points and marking grid axis’s.DIPON GULF GENERAL CONTRACTING2008
44 Setting out of row edges from section 1 to 27 and collecting ground level sand Tope details along the route.AL AREEJ2008
45Footpath line marking & level checking.TAHSAJEER GARDENS2008
46Precut and Post cut excavation Survey at Ras Al Kamiah PortTOP EXPRESS GENERAL TRANSPORT.2008
47Hiring of Survey EquipmentsSTEEL CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING CO.2008
48Positioning Automatic Tide Gauge and leveling.GEMS INTERNATIONAL2008
49Staking out bore hole location, collecting bore hole location levels and collecting area ground levels at ICADGEMS INTERNATIONAL2008
50Levelling automatic tide guage sensor and topographic survey at various location in Sultanate of Bahrain for Qatar-Bahrain crossway.GEMS INTERNATIONAL2008
51Gyro Compass Calibration and DGPS health check on various check on Vessel and SiteGEO LAB 2008
52Topography, Leveling, Stakeout, Setting out, Road point, Leveling & Setting outGULF DUNES2008
53Taking Asphalt level Transferring co ordinates using GPS Control points. Collecting post drilling asphalt level, combined inspection at asphalt level. Setting out of deduct route at Sharjah, checking the ground level at Sharjah.HADEER ABUDHABI2007
54Topogrphic survey of proposed project site in Al Reem IslandLUXURY DEVOLOPMENT2007
55Pipe line setting out & survey stations establishing.MACE2007
56Survey work in Saqr port at Ras Al Khaimah. (RAK)QVG SHARJAH2007
57Setting out of manhole points establishing new bench marks. Setting out points for pipeline level marking transferring. Establishing new control points joint survey with consultant. Fixing of Fence for control points centre line checking, setting out of pARABTECH ENGINEERING2007
58Transition piece level and tangent line marking. Pile cut off level checking Jacket Bracing Beam level. Tide observation.ARCLIGHT2007
59Setting out of pile pointsAL MAHLA GENERAL CONTRACTING2007
60Setting out of Industrial buildings in Star Cement Factory.E M C O2007
61Topographic Survey of Al Reem Island and Sadiyat Island In Abudhabi, Dubai world Island Top Survey. SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
62Survey work at Fantacy Island, Calibrating RTK fixed position, Transmitting corrected signal for survey at Gulf hotel.SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
63Transmitting correction for Kashil, collecting ground levels of beach Suwa Island stakout of pile centre.SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
64Establishing Tide pole level at Shams Abudhabi.Setting of Base calibration.SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
65Setting out of proposed South Wood Channel calibrating bench marks, Using GPS RTK marl elevation of Golf Course.SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
66 GPS Static observation of SCP-12 base at TPDC 5105A at GAQ front side near Maqta Bridge.SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
67Staking out TOE line at mangrove channel, fixing pipes marking levels for excavation for cutting Toposurvey in Sadiyat, Tide pole leveling in Sadiyat, Al Raha SOUTHERN GULF SURVEYS.2006
68Topographic survey, marking centre line for optic cableAL RAHAN ELECTO MACHANICAL2006
69Setting out of proposed chilled water pipeline in Dubai Motor City and preparing profile drawing.C A T2006
70Topographic survey of proposed roads at Sila and Liwa.SAIF BIN DARWISH2006
71Muscat Dubai Costal Road Corridor fixing and Inventory survey.SCIENTIFIC INK ENGINEERING OMAN2005
72ADDC proposed 18 nos. of Chlorination Plant Construction survey at various locations in Abu Dhabi WESCO2005
73Hiring of Auto Level MachineA.L.E2005
74Pile and pile cap setting out of Abu Dhabi University. Asbuilt survey of piles driven at Abu Dhabi University. Preparing pile layout drawing and co ordinates for setting out at Al Raha Garden project. Preparing pile lay out drawing and co ordinates for sDUCH FOUNDATION2005
75Hiring of Theodolite LeicaSPECIALISED PILLING TECHNIQUES2005
76Marking centre line and axis of new column tested and marking axis on existing column.SHAH ENGINEERING2005
77Survey Equipment Hiring.FUGRO SURVEY2004
78Setting out of warehouses in Al Dhafrah Air Base.ASCS2004
79Hiring of survey machine-Total StationARAB CONTRACTORS

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