ELITE SURVEY SERVICES LLC (ELITE) is privileged with the state of art QHSEMS (Quality Management System) which highlight ELITE established and implemented management
ELITE QHSEMS ensure that all the products and services is delivered with quality to meets or exceeds customer requirements.
In addition to the product quality, ELITE QHSEMS ensure the optimum organization safe and healthy workplaces, employee health and safety, protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions.

ELITE QHSEMS manual address but not limited to:
• Define the scope of the QHSE Management System applied
• Describe the interactions between the processes
• Define the authorities and responsibilities of top management
• Provide all activities general procedures
We always presenting ELITE QHSE Management System to our client(s) or other interested parties in order to inform them what specific controls are in place and implemented.
The QHSEMS (Quality) Management System complies with the requirements of the international Standards as the following:
• ISO 9001:2015
• ISO 14001:2015
• ISO 45001-2018
We always welcome any comments or improvement for our QHSEMS, please send your comments to QHSE@elitellc.ae

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