Commercial construction is a common term that refers to all activities of designs, construction, renovation and re-modelling of construction projects that serve the private sector through the development of business structures such as offices, retail centres, Shopping malls, hotels, warehouses, industrial buildings and institutional buildings.

Residential Construction indicates a housing market encompasses that covers housing, residence apartments construction categories onto single-family and multi-family housing were reporting growth average nearly to 2.8% annually.

Elite assure adequately plot limits are controlled, accurate marking of design geometries, and 3D dimension controlled of erected steel beams. To benefit the safety of commercial and residential buildings users and society members.  

Our Projects

Sl No Project Description Client Year
1Preparation of topographic survey drawing.TOLEDO ELECCTRO MACHANICAL ENGINEERING2022
2Levelling and Earth fill Quantity calculation at Apollo Data center, SweihanLAITH LLC2019
3Topographic survey and setting out.HILL VALLEY LLC2019
4Topography survey,setting out and levelling at Falcon hospital Abu DhabiCREATIVE CONSULTANCY 2019
5Setting out and levelling at Nurai island, Abu DhabiTASNEEM GENERAL CONTRACTING2019
6GPS Static observation and Base line computation at Al Marjan ProjectsELECTRA SURVEY2018
7Settingout of column points at Abu Dhabi.BLUE EDGE2018
8Topographic of British school Abu DhabiUPG SURVEYING2018
9Collecting actual ground levelling report in Horse Race club Abu DhabiAL AWANI2018
10Setting out of villasHYTEC CONCRETE2010
11Setting out of boundary walls and gatesHYTEC CONCRETE2009
12Setting out of corridor service edges, collecting asphalt levels at 3 Bore hole location in Khalidiya.HADEER ABUDHABI2009
13As built Survey works in Mussafah - Abu Dhabi.HEBERGER ENGINEERING CONSULTING ENGINEERS2008
14Setting out of pointsAL JAZIRA METAL INDUSTRIS2008
15Setting out of pile points.AL SHMANDI GENERAL CONTRACTING2008
16Pile centre coordinate drawing preparation & Pile point marking. JANA AL OMER2008
17Golf club concrete plot corner on Al Buthin Marina SURTECH INTERNATIONAL2008
18Setting out of plot limits, Road, Villas in Abu Dhabi Golf clubSURTECH INTERNATIONAL2008
19Underground service detection survey in Abu Dhabi Golf ClubSURTECH INTERNATIONAL2008
20Verification of the levelness and plumpness of structural steel erected.WILLIAM HARE2007
21Preparing AutoCAD drawing, checking straighting beam and verticality of building, beam checking, leveling and alignment checking at Jabal - Ali Airport.MAMMUT BUILDING SYSTEMS 2007
22Setting out of plot limits & topographic survey of proposed largest pyramid in DubaiMAYTAS2007
23Establishing survey control station, BMI, BM2, marking, centering, 1to 59, marking grid line for building preparing grid layout, setting out of column center.MATALIC CONSTRUCTION & INDUSTRIAL CO.2007
24Fixing dodging lines collection of floor levels.ORIENT HOUSE 2007
25Marking ground slabs level & fixing foundation line inside ware house.SHAH ENGINEERING2007
26Setting out of filling and slop edges fixing the cutting edges of removal material and setting out of new channel edges. SIM CONTRACTING CO.2007
27Pile point checking setting out of plotting building line location, preparing setting out drawing and checking plot line diametersE.D. ZUBLIN2007
29Setting out of Pile Points and buildingsHADEED EMIRATES2007
30Pile point marking, Pile asbuilt survey. Preparing drawing and co ordinates with consultant HOUSING AFFAIRS2007
31Topographic survey for Camps in various locationsAL ASHFAA TRANSPORT2007
32Setting out of pile centre AL DHANA CONTRACT& MAINTENANCE2007
33Setting out and leveling for breakwater at Khalidiya Palace hotel area.. Preparing proposal drawings for breakwater slopesSHALEELA BEACH2006
34Setting out a survey of commercial building in front of Abu Dhabi Mall. Pile setting out of Rashid Mohd. Abdulrahman Fahieem Villa at UmmAl NarAL ITTIMAD FOUNDATIONS EST.2006
35Setting out axis for fabrication shop at Hamriya Free Zone Sharjah. AL TUWAIRQUI GROUP OF COMPANIES2006
36Setting out of axis for installation of equipment at Dubai Investment ParkAL TUWAIRQUI GROUP OF COMPANIES2006
37Rechecking all control points and levels & Topographic survey at Officers ClubAL MASOOD MOTORS2006
38Survey works carried out in Dubai for pile point setting outSEFIFONTECH2006
39Pile setting out at Emirats glass factory at MussafahSWISS BORING2006
40Pile setting out at Al Raha Beach project for Al DarSWISS BORING2006
41Pile setting out at Yas Island for AlDarSWISS BORING2006
42Marking of Borehole and CPT points for Emirates Aluminium Factory at Thaweelah .SWISS BORING2006
43Marking of Bore hole and CPT points for Al Raha Beach project. SWISS BORING2006
44Pile points fixing in P1216 sites AlMuneera, Ferrari Experience , setting out of bore hole points in Eva hotel and colletting grond levels stakout points in Sadiyat Island, transferring survey station coordinate marking borehole points in Icad City - AbuSWISS BORING2006
45Fletcher survey Lounch Vessel operation at Al Raha Beach in Abu Dhabi.MAUNSELL CONSULTING SERVECES2006
46Setting out of pile pointsKIRBY PRODUCTS2006
47Taking asbuilt measurements of shed and existing parapet walls.MAMMUT BUILDING SYSTEMS 2006
48Setting out of FootingsABDULLA BIN DESNAL2006
49Setting out survey and leveling of the proposed extension of existing fabrication shop at Mussafah.WILLIAM HARE2005
50Hiring of levelman, marking of centre line column using measuring tape, marking of centre line of beams, establishing point at every beam for marking centre line of column.ROYAL GENERAL CONTRACTING2005
51Topographic survey of SH.Villa at Gantoot, preparing topographic survey drawing.FAIR GREEN INTERNATIONAL LAND SCRAPPING2005
52Topographic and As Built survey of Al Fahim Villa in Abu DhabiAL FAHIM GROUP OF COMPANIES2005
53Post concrete dimensional checking of Anchor bolts and leveling. Verification of plumpness at structural steel and leveling checking and correcting verticality old levels at the structural steel established.AL FATHA ENGINEERING2005
54ALDAR proposed mangrove park development area topographical survey at Mussafah channel.MARTIN MID EAST2004
55 ALDAR proposed free hold property development area topographical survey at Coconut Island.MARTIN MID EAST2004
56 ALDAR proposed free hold property development area topographical survey at Pearl Island.MARTIN MID EAST2004
57 ALDAR proposed free hold property development area topographical survey at Al Raha Beach and along the Islands Opposite.MARTIN MID EAST2004

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